The Labour Party Calls for Devolving English Government on St. George’s Day

England’s poorly governed state is becoming a pressing issue that needs to be addressed, with inequality among regions and public services being underfunded and unresponsive. Although the Tories and austerity policies bear much of the blame, powerful voices recognize that the way England is governed is a significant source of the problem.

Experts call for coherent national government for  with greater MP scrutiny

England still lacks a coherent system of national government and is still governed by a series of uncoordinated departments. The UK Treasury’s micro-management has proven to be dead and incompetent, leading to projects like HS2 becoming a fiasco.
Experts have called for a greater role of MPs in scrutinizing English policy and for the creation of a Cabinet Committee for England.

The Need for a Coherent National Center of Government for English Devolution

The most radical devolution deals to date have not returned local governments more than a small fraction of the powers they held forty years ago, and thus, English devolution will only occur when the center of England’s government itself is reformed.

Unless England is given a coherent national center of government, promises of people taking back control will come to nothing.
Labour is currently preparing for government, and this includes telling the civil service how it wants the machinery of government to be structured.

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