Prince Harry is reportedly feeling homesick and eager to attend the upcoming Coronation of his grandmother

Prince Harry is reportedly feeling homesick and eager to attend the upcoming Coronation of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. According to sources, he is also “willing” to work towards repairing his strained relationship with the royal family, which has been the subject of much media attention in recent years. The Duke of Sussex has been living in the United States with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their children since stepping back from royal duties in early 2020.

According to reports, Prince Harry has been trying to get in touch with King Charles several times to discuss arrangements for the upcoming Coronation ceremony. It has also been suggested that the Duke of Sussex is feeling homesick and misses certain aspects of his previous life in the UK.

Prince Harry is reportedly feeling homesick

As the date for King Charles III’s Coronation draws near, final preparations are underway. The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, is even set to fly back from his home in California to be part of the historic event. There had been some uncertainty as to whether Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle would attend the Coronation after they missed the April RSVP deadline. However, it has now been confirmed that Prince Harry will be attending solo while Meghan and their children remain in California.

It has also been reported that Prince Harry tried to contact King Charles multiple times to discuss plans for the event, but the new King was very busy and only had time for one conversation.

According to a source quoted in The Sun, Prince Harry misses certain aspects of British life and is eager to spend more time in the UK, despite no longer having Frogmore Cottage as his residence. The source also revealed that Harry was “desperate” to attend the Coronation and spend quality time with his family. Initially, there were concerns that Harry may not attend the event due to a list of demands that had not been met, but now it is hoped that his solo trip could help repair relationships within the royal family. While Harry will not take part in the ceremonial procession or be on the balcony, he will be present at Westminster Abbey for the Coronation on May 6.

Prince Harry and King Charles

Sources have indicated that both Prince Harry and the royal family are willing to mend their relationship. Meghan Markle will not be attending the Coronation due to their son Archie’s fourth birthday coinciding with the event.
There were concerns that the British public would not be welcoming to her after a tumultuous year for the couple. Prince Harry’s attempts to contact King Charles were prompted by the fallout from his memoir, Spare, which contained criticism of Queen Consort Camilla. This is believed to have been a red line for the family and may have contributed to the lack of communication between Prince Harry and the King.

As the Coronation of King Charles III approaches, Prince Harry has made it clear that he wants to spend quality time with his family while he is in the UK. Despite concerns about his attendance and reported demands not being met, Harry will be returning solo for the trip.

Sources suggest that there is a willingness to mend the royal feud, and Harry’s visit could help rebuild bridges among the royals. However, some believe that the fallout from Harry’s controversial memoir, in which he criticized Queen Consort Camilla, may have contributed to the lack of communication between him and King Charles. The future of Harry’s relationship with his family may soon become clear.



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